Canyon Road White Zinfandel, California, NV

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Jan 27

Canyon Road White Zinfandel NV

What can I say?  I selected a glass of a no-vintage (i.e., they use a blend of grapes from different years) while zinfandel (which are pink) at an airport restaurant for $8.  It couldn’t possibly be all that great!  Well, different people like different wines.  I definitely know some people that enjoy their white zins!  In fact, I rather enjoyed the sweetness of the wine – it was much more preferable to a bitter or sour glass of wine! 

The wine smells like strawberries – it was a bit faint, but you could smell it enough to be pleasant.  The taste…well, it was like sugar water with a splash of alcohol – it’s the sort of wine that’s more juice than alcohol.  If you’ve ever had any cheap white zinfandels, then you’ll know exactly how this one tastes!

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