Fourteen Hands Merlot, Washington State

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Jan 28

14 Hands MerlotWho knew JFK airport would offer wines from so many different regions.  First, I had the white zin from California, and then I had this merlot from Washington State ($11 for a 6oz glass).

It’s probably difficult to tell from that photo, but the wine has quite a dark red color to it.  The smell reminded me of a variety of things; there were hints of dark chocolate, leather, berries, and oak.  The taste didn’t produce quite so diverse a range of flavors, but it was pretty smooth with medium tannin levels and a good fruity flavor.  And it also had a nice aftertaste of bitter sweet berries, which I enjoyed. 

If you’re interested, this wine contains 82% merlot grapes, 9% cabernet sauvignon, 4% syrah, and 5% other red varieties.  The alcohol content is 13.5%.  This wine sells for $12 from but is closer to $10 at various other stores.

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