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Mar 19

Valdespino Inocente Single Vineyard Fino (Dry) Sherry, Andalucia, Spain

By Louise | Sherry , Spain , Spirits , Wines I Like

Valdespino Inocente Single Vineyard Fino (Dry) Sherry, Andalucia, SpainI’m pretty sure I’ve had sherry before at Cambridge.  In fact, I distinctly remember some friends driving over to Calais, France, and picking up a large bottle of sherry for 1 Euro.  Needless to say, it had no label and was packaged in a clear plastic bottle.  For some reason, it seemed just fine to drink during college!

Sherry is a fortified wine from Spain.  It is made with certain white grapes that are usually grown near Jerez in Spain, which is why sherry is called vino de Jerez in Spanish.  After the grapes have finished fermenting, the wine is fortified with brandy. 

I had always envisioned sherry to be sweet, but it is actually commonly dry, although some sweet dessert wine versions are made (e.g., Pedro Ximenez). 

I picked up this bottle (375ml) for just under $20 at Crush Wine & Spirits.  It was actually recommended by Anthony, who works at the shop and who was very knowledgeable about sherry despite the fact that it’s rarely enjoyed in the States! 

It smells rather nutty with hints of green apples and has faint smoky aroma.  It tastes a bit like a white port (without the sugar).  It’s mildly acidic, but very easy to drink.  The flavor isn’t too strong (in fact, it tastes a bit watery even), but it lingers in your mouth very pleasantly.  Let me reiterate that it is a dry wine, so there’s no sweet taste to it at all!

Overall – a thumbs up!